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Art you can taste

Cocktails can be fun! That is why we took it to a whole new dimension to bring simple yet bold flavors that everyone can access. We took premium alcohol labels and injected our very own magic to wow your tastebuds and eyes.


We feast with our eyes first so why not add color to your cocktails? That is exactly what we did. Our mission is to create a diverse lineup of blends across different flavor groups and all color spectrums. 


It also starts with our ethical promise. There is minimal use of plastics in our end to end process. All of our bottles and packaging are not only recyclable, they are reusable too.

Quality products can come affordable too. We keep our prices and sales channels accessible to the public so that everyone can taste a work of art anywhere, anytime.


Because we are not just another cocktail brand. We are here to change the game!

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